'If it can be imagined it can be created'

MiM is STAHL's agent in Mongolia with a mission: We want the leather sector in Mongolia to develop following the highest standards and the most sustainable solutions. We trust upon the fact that major steps can be made with the involvement of the leather technology of STAHL, STAHL expertise in leather tanning, certification standards, and fashion. We introduce together a large network of specialist and can connect international customers to Mongolian producers. We belief in strong and long lasting partnerships with our customers.

Grijs Vlak
"Mongolia has the reputation of providing the best quality horsehair for violin bows. The hairs obtain their specific characteristics most likely due to the extreme climate, and because the horses graze freely on the spacious meadows."
Jaap Bolink & Annelies Steinhauer - violinmakers
In the documentary "Mongolian Gold"

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Designer Hans Ubbink launches Mongolian sustainable leather label ADUU MAL

New leather label ADUU MAL makes production process sustainable and transparent  Amsterdam, 20 January 2015 – Dutch fashion designer Hans Ubbink will design clothing and accessories made from sustainable Mongolian leather. ...

ADUU MAL's press meeting and customer event

ADUU MAL's press meetings and launch of the first collection will be held on the 23th of March 2015 in Amsterdam ascribe and receive more details. Event - An homage to the nomad ...

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